At NaKeD Chocolate, using the best couverture chocolate is only the first step in the creation of our exquisite selection of chocolates and confections.

Professional Chocolatier, Warren Eley and Jazmin Slocum craft each recipe to ensure that every bite is a memorable delight.  Discover his inspired flavor combinations using fruits, flowers, spices and herbs from around the world.

And, knowing that chocolate’s pleasures go beyond that of taste, he uses it as a canvas to make it a feast for your eyes. Painting with colored cocoa butter, he employs dozens of techniques to achieve unique, incomparable designs.

The result is an elegant and sophisticated array of chocolates and confections, where the beauty of each piece is rivaled only by its flavour.

  • Summertime creations Summertime creations During the summer we offer gelato, sorbet, and iced hot chocolate to help you chill!
  • Layering our Flavour of the Month Layering our Flavour of the Month Our creations involve several steps to achieve the most luscioius results. Here, Eley rolls a layer of German marzipan to top the blood-orange pâte de fruit.
  • Chocolate is a Canvas Chocolate is a Canvas We treat chocolate as a canvas and cocoa butter as our paint. Everything from the bean...
  • Petit Fours Petit Fours Our petit fours are a new favourite. Little layered cakes with apricot & passion fruit preserves: perfection!
  • French Macarons French Macarons Macarons are the new frontier in sweet sensations. We've perfected these naturally gluten-free pastries and we offer over a dozen flavours.
  • One of our Favourite Truffles One of our Favourite Truffles We make many truffles but Pharaoh is a favourite. Filled with our own golden caramel, made using local butter and cream, it's a pyramid of pleasure.
  • Chocolate is a sculpture... Chocolate is a sculpture... Eley creates show-stopping, jaw-dropping sculptures. This masterpiece is made entirely of chocolate.
  • Nougat, marshmallow and more! Nougat, marshmallow and more! Buttercrunch, sponge toffee, gourmet marshmallow, chocolate covered ginger and orange peel... Check out our confections page for more!
  • Playing with Fire Playing with Fire By creating unique spice blends, we bring your tastebuds to new levels of delight. In caramel, ganache, macarons and buttercrunch - try a little heat with your sweet.
  • Chocolate Shoe Chocolate Shoe The size of a women's size 6! As with all of our chocolate novelties, we use the same chocolate as in our truffles. Only the good stuff. Always.
  • NaKeD Chocolate Custom Work NaKeD Chocolate Custom Work For birthdays, baby showers, engagement celebrations, weddings and more - we can customize our chocolates for you!
  • Macaron Pops Macaron Pops Delightful wedding favours! Macarons dipped in chocolate and set on a chocolate base. We're happy to customize.

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