Who We Are

Warren Eley


From the first moments at the side of my uncle, a European Master Confectioner, I knew that my life-long passion would be connected to sweet creations.

When chocolate came into the picture 18 years ago, this sweet passion coalesced into a vision of a chocolate collection of superior quality and artistic beauty.

2009 was a turning point for me.  I left my comfortable government job to establish NaKeD Chocolate, a boutique that showcases my decadent, handcrafted creations. Since then, my vision and boutique have flourished and expanded, and I continue to explore new ways to delight the senses.

Angela Roest


It wouldn’t be entirely true to say that pie is the reason I’m part of NaKeD Chocolate, but neither would it be entirely false.  Years ago, after making 10 different pies on 10 consecutive days, my family suffered from acute dessert-ennui and gently suggested I stop.  I didn’t.  Instead, my sweet predilections have found endless cocoa-covered terrain to explore.  Aside from being a chocolatier-in-training, I’m also the macaron-maker, decorator, writer, photographer, translator, and passionate wine & chocolate pairing researcher.


Caitlin Stephenson

caitlin2I began working at NaKeD Chocolate while completing the placement component of my Culinary Management degree at Sir Sanford Fleming College in 2010. After completing my degree, Warren hired me part-time and has been teaching me the tricks of his trade ever since. I am a Jill-of-all-trades in the shop with my personal specialty in the kitchen being sponge toffee. My organizational skills and borderline obsessive list-making tendencies keep production on track.