Who We Are

Warren Eley


From the first moments at the side of my uncle, a European Master Confectioner, I knew that my life-long passion would be connected to sweet creations.

When chocolate came into the picture 18 years ago, this sweet passion coalesced into a vision of a chocolate collection of superior quality and artistic beauty.

2009 was a turning point for me.  I left my comfortable government job to establish NaKeD Chocolate, a boutique that showcases my decadent, handcrafted creations. Since then, my vision and boutique have flourished and expanded, and I continue to explore new ways to delight the senses.


Jazmin-Rain Slocum

Since Jazmin Was young she has thrived in the cooking industry boasting many hours of hands on sour dough baking and working as a prepared chef under multiple high end names in the British Columbia Area. We have been blessed with the open minded hands on learning style she presents on a daily basis as the Full-Time Business/Floor Manager to our current Peterborough location.