Our Confections

Pâte de fruitpate

These intense, tender squares are a fruit-lover’s dream. Only the finest, all-natural fruits are used to create these traditional French confections (gelled with pectin, not gelatin!). Our flavours include: mango & passionfruit, strawberry, lime & ginger, apple & cinnamon, mandarin & peach, blackberry & blueberry and blood orange. And we’re always experimenting with new fruits and exciting combinations!

DSCN4714Gourmet Marshmallow

As with everything we do, we take traditional marshmallow to new levels of sophistication. Our gourmet marshmallow is made with pure fruit purées and Madagascar vanilla beans. Each mound is hand dipped in our 64% bittersweet chocolate to complement the fluffy perfection inside. Try Raspberry, Passionfruit & Mango, Lime… and traditional Vanilla!

ginger for site

Chocolate Covered Ginger

Our ginger is soft and moist, a premium product we import from Australia.  We hand-dip bite-size morsels in milk or dark chocolate. It’s an exquisite combination of flavours and textures.


sponge toffeeSponge Toffee

Texture is everything!  We whip up a batch of our unique sponge toffee and then dunk each crunchy chunk with milk or dark chocolate.  Choose our dark-dipped toffee for a decadent vegan treat!



Chocolate Covered Orange Peelorange peel

Our French candied orange peel is simply luscious. We double-dip each tender slice to ensure that all the citrus perfection is sealed inside.   Dipped in our 64% dark chocolate – a sweet-tangy-chocolate delight.


Pepecan puddlescan Puddles

We get fresh California pecans and toast them to perfection.  We then make some hot, golden caramel and pour it on… This is allowed to cool before being topped with a layer of milk chocolate.  Two layers of sweet, flowing goodness on crunchy pecans – the perfect triple threat.



These disks of luscious white, milk and dark chocolate are studded with our fresh, perfectly toasted nuts and well as a selection of tender dried and candied fruit.  A fine mix of texture and flavour!



buttercrunchButtercrunch and Spicy Buttercrunch

Our buttercrunch (also known as English toffee) is made with the freshest local Kawartha Dairy butter.  It’s spread thin and coated on both sides with creamy milk chocolate and sprinkled with a chunky, toffee-chocolate combination.  It’s a crunchy, traditional favourite made with the finest ingredients.  And for all spice lovers, we have a spicy version too!  A little heat to balance the sweet…



We begin with a crisp sourdough pretzel and let our thick, golden caramel flow, filling the three holes.  This is topped with a layer of peanut butter and then dunked in our pure milk chocolate.   Believe us, it tastes even better than it sounds!



If, as a child, you ever fantasized about tasting a cloud, these treats will make you smile.  Eating a snowball is just like you imagined – fluffy puffy sweetness, covered in dark chocolate, covered in coconut.  Snowballs are a traditional confection – one of the sugary treasures that Eley learned to make from his uncle, a Scottish Master Confectioner.



Another peanut butter wonder!  These adorable little milk chocolate mice are filled with peanut butter ganache.  They are sold in pairs – to share… or not!

Gourmet Bars

Our luscious chocolate is studded with a wide array of premium ingredients: hand-harvested French fleur de sel, house roasted nuts, tender dried fruits… we have many ‘sensible’ combinations like toasted almond and cookies’n’cream, but why stop there?  Bacon Toffee Bar anyone?

gourmet bars